LUMA is expanding! We are now taking applications from self-identified Black/Indigenous/Latinx women in physics, astronomy, and planetary science. Program membership is free to qualifying individuals, and affiliation with astronomy is not required. Apply now!

Who are we?

The League of Underrepresented Minoritized Astronomers (LUMA) is a peer mentoring community for those who self-identify as Black/Indigenous/Latinx women and who are graduate students, postdoctoral researchers, faculty, and research scientists in physics, astronomy, and planetary science.  LUMA was founded in 2015 by Prof. Catherine Espaillat, who also serves as LUMA Director.  Jacqueline Antwi-Danso is the LUMA Coordinator.

What is our mission?

Many Black/Indigenous/Latinx women experience isolation due to our minoritized status in academic spaces.  LUMA’s goal is to provide a safe, supportive virtual community where we belong and can shine.

What do we offer?

LUMA-lites are diverse, multi-faceted people, with their own personal needs, schedules, and goals. We work to provide our members with several different channels of support and connection that vary in cadence and in level of commitment. We offer a “choose your own adventure” format, where members can opt in to whatever LUMA programming fits their needs most. Below are some of the main programs we offer at this time, with new opportunities and programming on the horizon.

LUMA Group Meetings & Workshops
Members gather about 1-2x per semester for a 2 hr video call to learn and share knowledge on a particular topic.  Past group meetings have featured discussions on imposter syndrome, sustainable workflows, and bringing our whole-selves to the workplace, as well as online writing retreats.

LUMA Writing Circles
Members that want accountability and support during their workday can join a weekly writing circle that consists of ~5 members.  At the beginning of the day members state their goals to their writing circle via email and then follow up at the end of the day with their progress.

LUMA Buddies
Those members that want more one-on-one support and/or accountability can be matched with a LUMA buddy.  Buddies meet once a week for a 30 minute video call to follow up on their goals from the previous week and set goals for the upcoming week.

Want to join us?

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There is no deadline. Applications are accepted year-round.

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