Drs. Kazis and Ryan Present on the Burn Outcomes Questionnaires (BOQ)

September 12th, 2014

Dr. Lewis Kazis

Dr. Lewis Kazis

Drs. Lewis Kazis, Principal Investigator, and Colleen Ryan, co-investigator of the LIBRE project, presented at the Kaiser Permanente Population Health Strategy Webinar on August 28, 2014. Their presentation highlighted some of the excellent work they have done over the past decade to improve the care received by burn survivors.

Drs. Kazis and Ryan spoke about the Burn Outcomes Questionnaires (BOQ) they developed to track the physical, emotional, and social recovery of children and young adults with burn injuries.  The results from this survey provide feedback to the burn survivor, their family and their clinicians on the progress of the burn survivor’s recovery.

Dr. Colleen Ryan

Dr. Colleen Ryan

A burn survivor’s results on the survey can be compared to burn survivors similar to themselves to see how they are doing on their path to recovery. This helps clinicians focus on areas where a burn survivor may be having more trouble in order to improve the quality of care and quality of life of the burn survivor.

The BOQ surveys, discussed in this presentation, have laid the ground work for what the LIBRE project is now developing for adult burn survivors.  Use the links below to watch the presentation or to view the presentation slides.

The presentation will also be archived on our Publications & Presentations page.

Watch the Webinar

To watch the full webinar presentation, click here.  Use the time bar at the bottom of the webinar to skip the introductions and go right to the presentation:

  • 09:28: Dr. Kazis –  using the BOQ with children and clinical trials
  • 27:40: Dr. Ryan – using the BOQ with young adults and clinical applications

View the Presentation Slides

Kaiser Premanente Presentation Slides