We invite students who are passionate about language acquisition and sign language research to join our team. The LAVA Lab allows students to gain hands-on experience on all aspects of designing studies, collecting data, coding and analyzing, and presenting results at talks and conferences.  We are a diverse team, and invite students from all backgrounds and academic majors.  We strive to pair students with projects that fit their interests.

We accept applications from interested students at all levels–undergraduates, MA, and EdD/PhD students, as well as post-docs.  Applicants should be either proficient in ASL or actively learning ASL.  Experience with video coding using ELAN and video editing with Final Cut Pro is a plus.

Undergraduate students can apply for UROP awards and can choose whether to receive independent study units.  Occasionally we have paid positions for undergraduates as well.   Graduate students are paid either hourly or by semester.

If you are interested in joining the Language Acquisition and Visual Attention Lab or want to find out more, please contact us!

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Student Testimonials 

“Working in this lab gave me a taste of the research world and the experience I could apply to my own future research, perhaps.” -Conrad Baer, MA in Deaf Education ’19

“Working for the lab is a great way to experience working on research studies related to some aspects of language acquisition of deaf children, especially as you take related classes; you get to work on datasets and gain relevant and informed insights on how deaf children acquire language.” -Anna Lim Franck, ’22

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  • LAVA Lab discussing a new project

  • Eye tracking experiment in action

  • LAVA Lab team members Spring 2018

  • Zoe Fieldsteel and Aiken Bottoms presented their research at the Boston University Conference on Language Development.

  • LAVA Lab members & families at the fun gathering event.

  • LAVA Lab members at the conference room.