PDF version of my CV

June 2022

Laurence A. Bloom Professor of Economics
Department of Economics
Boston University
270 Bay State Road
Boston, MA 02215
(617) 353-5694

Ph.D. Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Economics, 1978-1982.
M.Sc. Universite de Montreal, Economics, 1976-1978
B.A. University of Oxford (St. Catherine’s College), Philosophy, Politics, and Economics (PPE), (1973-1976; M.A. awarded 1980)

2021- Laurence A. Bloom Professor of Economics, Boston University
2005-09 Chair, Department of Economics, Boston University
2000-01 Visiting Professor of Economics, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
1997 Acting Chair, Department of Economics, Boston University
1990- Professor, Boston University
1989-93 Associate Chair, Department of Economics, Boston University
1987-90 Associate Professor, Boston University
1982-87 Assistant Professor, University of California, Irvine
1981-82 Acting Assistant Professor, University of California, Irvine
1977-78 Part-time lecturer, “Methodes d’enquetes et de sondages” (Research and survey methods) Faculte de l’education permanente, l’Universite de Montreal (B.A. Program)

2021- Advisory Editor, Journal of Asian Business and Economic Studies
2019-2022 Vice President (2019-20), President-elect (2020-21), President (2021-22) Society of Labor Economists
2019- Editor-in-Chief, Journal of Labor Economics
2019 Visiting Professor, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
2018 Visiting Scholar, Harvard University
2016 Chair, Sherwin Rosen Prize Committee, Society of Labor Economists
2015 Jacob Mincer Prize Committee, Society of Labor Economists
2015-2017 Program Committee, Society of Labor Economics
2014-2016 Board of Officers of the Society of Labor Economists
2014-2017 Research Strategy Board, Centre on Dynamics of Ethnicity, University of Manchester
2013-2019 Editor, Journal of Labor Economics
2013- Associate Editor, Labour Economics
2012-2013 Jacob Mincer Prize Committee, Society of Labor Economists
2012-2015 Board Member, American Economic Association Committee on the Status of Women in the Economics Profession
2011-2012 Program Committee, Society of Labor Economics
2011-2012 Sherwin Rosen Prize Committee, Society of Labor Economists
2011- Editorial Board, Eurasian Economic Review
2009-2010 Visiting Scholar, Faculty of Economics, University of New South Wales
2009 Visiting Fellow, Collegio Carlo Alberto, Turin, Italy
2009- Research Fellow, Institute for the Study of Labor (IZA), Bonn
2009-2010 Member, Roundtable on Education Systems and Accountability, National Research Council
2009-2012 Member, Board on Testing and Assessment, National Academy of Sciences
2008-2010 Member, National Research Council panel on Value-added Methodology for Instructional Improvement, Program Evaluations, and Educational Accountability
2007-2011 Member, National Research Council panel on Incentives and Test-Based Accountability in Public Education
2006- Fellow, Center for the Study of Poverty and Inequality, Stanford University
2006- Research Associate, Center for Research and Analysis of Migration, University College, London
2004-2012 Co-Editor, Labour Economics, (journal of the European Association of Labor Economists)
2001- Research Associate, National Bureau of Economic Research
2000-2003 Advisory Board, Latino Research Program Project
1996-2009 Elected member, School Board (Brookline, Massachusetts), Vice Chair (2001-2004), Chair (2004-2006)
1996 H. Gregg Lewis Award Committee, Society of Labor Economics
1993-1994 Visiting Scholar, Department of Economics, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
1993 Program Committee, Econometric Society, North American Summer Meetings
1991-2012 Advisory Board, Canadian Employment Research Forum
1989- Faculty Affiliate, Institute for Economic Development, Boston University
1988-2004 Editor, monograph series on “Sociology and Economics: Controversy and Integration,” Aldine de Gruyter.
1987-1992 Faculty Research Fellow, National Bureau of Economic Research
1973-1978 Principal Investigator (started as Research Assistant), CROP Inc., Montreal

2021 55th Annual Gilbert Memorial Lecture, “Tasks and Investments in Skills”
2019-22 National Science Foundation, “Dynamics of Occupation Choice: Skill Investment and Output Pricing with Multidimensional Skill,” $280,000.
2018 Boston University Graduate Economics Student Association, “PhD Advisor of the Year” award.
2017 Economic Journal Referee Prize for 2016
2015 Gerald L. Gitner Award for Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching
2013-17 National Science Foundation, “Monitoring for Worker Quality: A Theory of Task Assignment, Job Ladders, Wages and Mobility in Internal Labor Markets,” $283,525
2010- Elected Fellow of the Society of Labor Economists
2007 Honorable Mention, 2007 Award for Best Professional/Academic Book in Sociology and Social Work, Association of American Publishers
2007-09 National Institute of Child Health and Human Development, “The Consequences of Teenage Childbearing,” $162,500
2007 Canadian Labor Market and Skills Researcher Network, “Effects of Social Networks on Labour Market Outcomes of Recent Immigrants,” $12,873
2004-07 National Science Foundation, “Discrimination, Segregation and Wage Differentials,” $276,817 (with Michael Manove).
2003-04 Economic Research Initiative on the Uninsured (Robert Wood Johnson Foundation), “Worker Sorting, Health Insurance Coverage and Wages,” $90,284.
2002 Neu Family Award for Excellence in Teaching in Economics
2001-02 Mini-grant, Upjohn Institute for Employment Research, “Voluntary Desegregation and Human Capital Acquisition in a Recipient District.”
1996-98 National Science Foundation, “Unemployment, Underemployment and Wage Determination,” $150,486
1993-95 National Science Foundation, “Recruiting by Employers: Implications for Labor Market Behavior and Policy” $117,213
1989 Fulbright Fellowship, NZ Institute of Economic Research, Wellington, New Zealand, “Deregulation and the Labor Market”
1987-89 Alfred P. Sloan Foundation Faculty Research Fellow
1987-89 National Science Foundation, “Constraints on the Choice of Work Hours,” $35,652 (with Shulamit Kahn)
1986-88 National Science Foundation, “Testing Theories of the Dual Labor Market,” $46,385 (with William Dickens)
1986-88 National Science Foundation, “An Empirical Study of Labor Market Structure,” supercomputer funds (with William Dickens)
1986-87 NBER-Olin Fellow, National Bureau of Economic Research
1984-87 National Science Foundation, “An Econometric Examination of Dual Labor Market Theory,” $74,600 (with William Dickens)
1978-81 Fellowship, Quebec Ministry of Education
1978-81 Fellowship, Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada (formerly Canada Council)
1973-76 Exhibition (competi

American Economics Association; American Education Research Association; American Sociological Association Mini-Conference; Arizona State University; Australian Labour Market Research; Australian National University; Baruch College (CUNY); Boston College; Boston University; Brandeis University; Brigham Young University, The Brookings Institution; Brown University; Canadian Association of Applied Social Research; Canadian Economic Theory Conference; Canadian Economics Association; Canadian Employment Research Forum; Canadian Labour Economics Conference; Canadian Labour Market and Skills Researcher Network; Carnegie-Mellon University, CASE (Center for Economic and Social Research, Warsaw); Center for Economic Policy Research; Centre Interuniversitaire de Recherche en Économie Quantitative (CIREQ); CERGE-EI; Chinese University of Hong Kong; CIRANO (Montreal); Chinese University of Hong Kong; Chinese University of Hong Kong – Shenzhen; Claremont Graduate School; Collegio Carlo Alberto; Columbia University, Conference of Economists (Australia); Cornell University; Duke University; Dunedin University; Econometric Society; Einaude Institute of Economics and Finance (Rome); Eurasian Business and Economics Society; Erasmus University; European Society of Population Economics; Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis; Federal Reserve Bank of New York; Fudan University; George Washington University, Georgetown University; Harvard University; Hebrew University of Jerusalem; Ho Chi Minh University of Economics; ICER (Turin); Industrial Relations Research Association; Institut d’études politiques de Paris (Sciences Po); Institut national de la statistique et des études économiques (NSEE); Instituto de Análisis Económic (barcelona); Instituto Tecnologico Autonomo de Mexico; International Symposium on Contemporary Labor Economics (Jinan University); IZA (Institute for the Study of Labor, Bonn); Koc University (Istanbul); Linnaeus University; Levy Institute (Bard College); London School of Economics; Massachusetts Institute of Technology; Mathematica Policy Research; McGill University; McMaster University; Monash University; National Bureau of Economic Research; National University of Singapore, New York State Conference on the Elimination of Childhood Lead Poisoning; New York University; Northeastern University; Northwestern University; Oberlin College; Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development; Otago University; Peking University – Shenzhen; Princeton University, Queen’s University; Pomona College; Princeton University; Purdue University; Rice University; Rochester University; Shanghai University of Finance of Economics; Singapore Management University; Society for Economic Dynamics; Society of Labor Economists; Stanford University; Statistics Canada, Stockholm University; Syracuse University, Tel Aviv University; Tilburg University; Tinbergen Institute (Amsterdam, Rotterdam); Tinbergen Institute (Rotterdam); Tufts University; Universidad Carlos III; Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona; Universitat Pompeu Fabra; University Universite Aix-Marseille, University du Quebec à Montréal; Universite de Montréal; Universite Laval; Université d’Aix-Marseille II (GREQAM); College, London (CreAM), University of Alberta, Edmonton; University of Calgary; University of California, Berkeley; University of California, Irvine; University of California, Los Angeles; University of California, Riverside; University of California, San Diego; University of California, Santa Barbara; University of California, Santa Cruz; University of Chicago; University of Connecticut; University of Delaware; University of Economics Ho Chi Minh City; University of Houston; University of Kentucky; University of Louisville; University of Manchester; University of Mannheim; University of Massachusetts, Amherst; University of Michigan, University of New South Wales; University of Oklahoma; University of Pennsylvania; University of Rochester; University of St. Gallen; University of Southern California; University of Washington; University of Waterloo; University of Western Ontario; University of Wisconsin; University of Wollongong; Victoria University of Wellington; University of Zurich; Waikato University; Washington University, Western Economics Association; West Point Military Academy; Yale University

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