NJ Umoh

IGNITE Speaker

NJ Umoh of CompSciLib
  • Title IGNITE Speaker

NJ Umoh studied Computer Science at Boston University (CAS) and specializes in Fullstack Development & DevOps Engineering. He comes from a Nigerian background and is the Founder and CEO of CompSciLib, an app aimed at providing Computer Science assistance to students worldwide. His technical knowledge stems from internship & professional experience as a DevOps engineer at Better Mortgage, BaseCamp, Umoh IT Solutions, and others. NJ is also a content creator on TikTok and YouTube, providing educational content and advice for the next generation of tech students.

NJ has always had a passion for education and innovation. He believes that with the right knowledge and big dreams, anything is possible. He strives to make the world a better place by automating mundane tasks and solving the world’s most formidable problems with technology.

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