Jeurys Santiago

IGNITE Speaker

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My name is Jeurys Santiago, born in the Dominican Republic, raised in New York City, and now a Massachusetts resident for the last 7 years. I am also an Oprah Winfrey scholarship recipient
and Currently an Honors student at UMass Lowell concentrating in marketing and international business while enrolled in the 4+1 program pursuing my MBA.

Minds with Purpose was created about 3 years ago and we are a Networking Platform & Entertainment agency dedicated to creating exposure and support for creatives, businesses, and entrepreneurs. Our goal is to allow these entities to become more accessible, profitable, and sustainable through stimulated exposure within their communities. Minds With Purpose is carefully curated to connect local creatives with other like-minded people who want to build meaningful connections and achieve their full potential through community involvement. This network unites people from different walks of life and helps them open doors to new opportunities.

Minds With Purpose serves as a one-stop shop by providing resources such as media production, talent management, and marketing services while cultivating a give-back culture within the company. We also focus on helping locals realize their full collaborative potential as business owners and community members. Minds With Purpose aims to assist in issues such as a lack of incoming revenue, sustainability issues, debt, limited opportunities and resources, and stress, among other challenges that developing companies and creatives are facing.

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