iCaMP Program


Welcome to the integrative Cardiovascular Metabolism and Pathophysiology (iCaMP) Program website! In our program, we are interested in delineating the genetic, cellular, metabolic, and clinical mechanisms and manifestations of cardiovascular disease. Co-led by two independent Principal Investigators, our program has two interconnected aims.

The mitochondrial ecosystem comprises intricate networks of metabolic pathways, dynamic changes in mitochondrial networks and subcellular locations. The mitochondrial ecosystem exists in a delicate balance and perturbations in one component often have a ripple effect impacting both upstream and downstream metabolic and cellular pathways. The response of the ecosystem to perturbations are likely altered by mitochondrial genetic variation. Without a more complete view of the mitochondrial ecosystem in cardiovascular disease, we are limiting our ability to identify metabolic targets aimed at preventing and improving outcomes in cardiovascular diseases. Our lab seeks to utilize translational, systems biology, multi-disciplinary approaches in order to advance our understanding of metabolic disturbances in cardiovascular disease.

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