Student & Post-Doc funding opportunities

Below is a list of opportunities that can support our research, this is far from exhaustive.


Post-Doc Fellowships:
NSF post-doctoral fellowships
NASA post-doc fellowships

Student Fellowships:
EPA STAR graduate fellowships, 3 year fellowship.
DOE Graduate Fellowship, 3 year fellowship.
NSF Graduate Research Fellowship, 3 year fellowship.
NASA Earth Science Fellowship, 3 year fellowship.
Switzer Fellowship, 1-year fellowship.
Society of Women Geographers, 1 year Fellowship.
Pardee Summer Graduate Fellowship.
Arnold Arboretum Fellowships & Awards.
Boston Area Research Initiative fellowships
Rappaport Public Policy summer fellowship

Research funds:
NSF Doctoral Dissertation Improvement Grants (DDIG)
New England Botanical Club annual research awards of $2000.
Arnold Arboretum Fellowships & Awards.