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The Hutyra Research Lab investigates carbon dynamics in forest systems and urban areas, studying a range of topics including forest ecology, urban carbon and nitrogen cycling, land use change impact on ecosystem productivity, fossil fuel emission patterns and determinants, and climatic controls on ecosystem carbon exchange. Fundamentally, our work is grounded in environmental biology and atmospheric sciences, but is applied to a range of systems.

Hiring Post-doc & Technician positions

Congratulations to Taylor Jones as he starts an assistant professor position at Georgetown University’s Earth Commons Institute!

Congratulations to our recent Ph.D. graduates – Sarah Garvey, Ian Smith, and Luca Morreale! 

Lab group 2023 (Top: Sarah, Ian, Esme, Leeza, Lucy, Luca, Madison, Joy; Bottom: Sofiya, Taylor, Hris)

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Lucy R. Hutyra
Department of Earth & Environment
Boston University
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