Logo for the Building Equitable and Engaged HIV prevention for Everyone Study

The Building Equitable and Engaged HIV Prevention for Everyone (BEE-HIVE) Study investigates multi-level barriers to and facilitators of pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) use across geographic regions, including differential patterns for transgender women, transgender men, and nonbinary people, and explores drivers of PrEP attitudes and decision-making, and preferences for and experiences with PrEP education and delivery.

The BEE-HIVE online survey and interviews finished data collection in February 2022. The study team is currently analyzing the survey and interview data and will be working on publishing and sharing their findings in the coming years. Check out our Fall 2022 research update!

This work is funded by the Providence/Boston Center for AIDS Research (P30AI042853, PI: Gordon) and the Boston University School of Public Health.