Healthy Relationships on the Autism Spectrum (HEARTS)

Boston University is planning on offering a healthy relationships class called HEARTS (Healthy Relationships on the Autism Spectrum). HEARTS is a six-session, online class that supports autistic adults who are looking for information about how to have healthy and rewarding friendships, dating relationships, and marriages.

We are going to conduct a research study related to HEARTS. We hope that you might want to pre-register for the randomized controlled trial research study. We have recently applied for funding, so the pre-registration would mean that if we get funding, we would contact you to have you consent and enroll.

Who we are looking for:

  1. Participants in the USA.
  2. Participants with a diagnosis of autism from a professional.
  3. Participants willing to be randomized to the 6-week online HEARTS class, or to a 6-week online support group PLUS the HEARTS class.

What do research study participants receive?

Participants will receive up to $300 for their participation.

Further questions? Please contact: