Heaphy Lab

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  • Breast TDLU

    Telomere and centromere-specific FISH with costaining for smooth muscle actin (magenta) and Ki67 (turquoise)

  • Photoreceptors

    Telomere-specific FISH with colabeling for cone nuclei and processes (green) and rod nuclei (magenta)

  • Prostate Cancer TMA

    Telomere-specific FISH with costaining for a basal-specific cytokeratin (magenta) as well as NKX3.1 and FOXA1 (green)

  • ALT+ PanNET

    Telomere-specific (red) and centromere-specific (green) FISH

  • Lamin A/C in PrCa

    Costaining for a lamin A/C (green) and cytokeratin 8 in a prostate cancer

The HEAPHY LAB conducts basic and translational research studies focused on elucidating the role of telomere alterations in the initiation of human diseases, particularly cancer.

Overall, we use a combination of tissue-based, cell-based, and molecular approaches to study normal and abnormal telomere biology as it relates to cancer initiation and progression, with a particular interest in the Alternative Lengthening of Telomeres (ALT) phenotype – a telomerase-independent telomere maintenance mechanism.

In addition, we focus on how these findings may be readily translated into accurately predicting cancer risk, early detection, prognosis, and potential response to targeted therapies.