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Food News Round Up: Celebrate and Assess the Half

by Emily Contois We recently passed the approximate half-way point of summer, a fact worth celebrating — and a reason to perform a mid-point status check. Are you making it through that reading list? Have you spent enough time at the beach? Have you tried at least half of those recipes you’ve been marking, saving, and creating? […]

Food News Round Up: Big Food and a Big Foodie

As we bask (and sweat) in the heat of July, this edition of Food News Round Up focuses on two big things — ‘big food’ as discussed by the Public Library of Science (PLoS) Medicine and the passing of a noted foodie, Nora Ephron  — as well as a smattering of other food news. Make […]

Food News Round Up: Soda Size Squabbles and Other Tidbits

Everyone and their mother has an opinion on New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s proposal to limit restaurant soft-drink servings to 16 ounces. Will it help create a healthier food environment?  Will it help citizens to make healthier choices?  Will it limit choice?  Will it eradicate freedom as we know it? Here are a selection […]

Food News Round Up: Trucks, Deserts, and Porn

by Emily Contois On any other blog, it might be difficult to draw connections between trucks, deserts, and pornography, but not here where food is the common thread. While food trucks are often in the news as they sweep the culinary landscape, this week’s Food News Round Up includes articles that look at the food […]