Faith & Ecological Justice Program

The ecological crisis we are facing has wide-ranging implications for religious education and the preparation of faith leaders. How communities around the world respond both now and in the coming decades will determine the fate of generations to come. Religious traditions can provide resources for communities to navigate the changes necessary to avert the most severe consequences of our ecological crisis, but practitioners need training in ecologically-informed theology, ethics, and practices in order to do so.

The goals of the Faith and Ecological Justice ProgramĀ are to both prepare students for meaningful and effective engagement in faith-based environmental work and help them explore the rich depth of religious resources for such work. Students may choose to do so by taking classes as part of their degree program without obtaining a certificate, taking classes as part of a degree program towards the completion of a certificate, or by completing a certificate outside of a degree program.

If you would like to support the work of the Faith and Ecological Justice Program, you can donate by selecting the Faith and Ecological Justice Fund on this online giving form. If you prefer to give by phone or mail, find more information on the STH website. More information can be found on our “Contribute” page.