Yielding to Outside Supports

“Building partnerships with families is an ongoing process.” (National Center on Parent, Family, and Community Engagement, 2021). We remain prepared to receive and support families as their needs evolve.

behavioral health provider and family members high-fiving and smiling in partnership

In this section, we will explore the practice of connecting families with meaningful and relevant resources to build their network of culturally relevant supports and promote progress toward goals and recovery. This is a critical facet of our role, because when we know the resources, we are:

  1. Prepared to make connections for individuals and families, broadening their scope of potential support, and
  2. Honoring the parameters of our work and expertise, which can contribute to role clarity and satisfaction and decrease burnout.

This lesson facilitates practice:

  1. Connecting individuals and their families to the wide range of resources including Family Peer Specialists, and
  2. Navigating the process of searching for and connecting individuals and their families to resources.

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