FACING Personal & Professional Attitudes

“Individual attitudes related to health are major components of clinical encounters” (Fava et. al., 2023). We face our personal and professional attitudes because they shape interactions with the individuals and families we support.

behavioral health provider and family members communicating and partnering

In this section, you’ll have an opportunity to examine and evaluate your attitudes, values, and beliefs surrounding family partnerships. This is a first and critical stage to effectively connect with the families of individuals you’re supporting in your behavioral health practice, because:

  • Attitudes about family involvement are often shaped by a paradigm that doesn’t favor or support family involvement,
  • Those attitudes interfere with effective family partnership, and
  • Facing your attitudes can positively shift the paradigm toward a practice of building authentic partnerships with individuals and their given and chosen families.

This lesson facilitates practice:

  • Describing personally held expectations and biases surrounding family partnership,
  • Recognizing and describing the impact of predictions and judgments on family recovery, and
  • Identifying ways of setting aside predictions and judgments about individual and family recovery.

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