Welcome to Dr. Patricia Fabian’s Research Group at the Environmental Health Department at Boston University School of Public Health.
We study the linkages between the built environment, indoor air, health, and energy; environmental health disparities related to air pollution exposure, housing, life course outcomes, and Covid-19; the impact of climate adaptation strategies on health; and extreme heat exposure and adaptation through community engaged research

Recent Posters & Publications

2021 Conference Presentations

International Society for Environmental Epidemiology Aug 23-26
* Predicting residential exposure to allergens in an electronic health record cohort of children with asthma in Massachusetts, USA. Presenter: Matt Bozigar, PhD.
* School greenness and student-level academic performance: preliminary results from a study in Chile. Presenter: Raquel Jimenez.

International Society of Exposure Science Aug 30-Sep 2
* Ambient, indoor or personal? Capturing extreme heat exposure and characterizing risk factors in an environmental justice community. Presenter: Flannery Black-Ingersoll.
* Assessing time Spent in various microenvironments in two urban environmental justice communities. Presenter: Alina McIntyre.
* Insights from residents’ experiences coping with heat to inform intervention planning in urban heat islands. Presenters: Leila Heidari & Pilar Botana

Nature and Health Virtual Conference Oct 12-14
* Mapping the cooling benefits of greenspace against urban heat exposure through an ecosystem services framework. Presenter: Koen Tieskens, PhD

Interdisciplinary Association for Population Health Science. October 19-21
* Characterizing residential mobility and immobility using address data from electronic health records: challenges and opportunities. Presenter: Komal Peer, PhD