August 2017:IMG_2355

Where does the time go? We just returned from the American Chemical Society meeting in Washington DC (with ACS eclipse glasses in hand) and are looking forward to a busy Fall semester as the lab prepares for our BIG MOVE to The Pennsylvania State University in January! You heard it… we’re headed to State College to join the Department of Energy & Mineral Engineering, the EMS Energy Institute, and the Penn State Institutes for Energy & the Environment. To learn more about the exciting Energy research going on at PSU, check out: Oh… and more exciting news: Congratulations to PI Prof. Emily Ryan and co-PIs Prof. Goldfarb and Prof. Pirooz Vakili on their recent NSF Award to explore a new design paradigm for Porous Heterogeneous Hierarchical Materials.

June 2017:

Thanks to a grant from the Eppley Foundation, we will be starting a new project to design an integrated biorefinery process where diverse waste biomasses (agricultural, industrial, municipal) are co-pyrolyzed with abundant, inexpensive clay minerals to produce hybrid sorbent materials to treat contaminated water; stable liquid biofuels and platform chemicals; and pyrolysis gases enriched in clean-burning hydrogen and methane. 

May 2017:IMG_1825

What an amazing experience! Prof. Goldfarb’s time as a Fulbright Scholar at the University of Trento is drawing to
a close, but that doesn’t mean our collaborations – or friendships – will! Learning from our international counterparts is an important way to make sure that our work has the potential to make positive impacts around the globe. We look forward to hosting our friend Dr. Maurizio Volpe, and several M.S. students from Trento in our lab this fall!

March 2017:

Welcome to Lorenzo Rossi, our visiting Master’s student from the University of Milano. Congrats to Junjie and Guolan for their article accepted into Energy Conversion & Management on an Integrated Biorefinery for Silver Nanomaterial and Upgraded Pyrolysis Biofuel production, and to Guolan for an article accepted in ACS Sustainable Chemistry & Engineering on biofuels and activated carbons for electrode materials. Congrats to Prof. Goldfarb for her article accepted in Bioresource Technology on artificial neural network modeling of biomass properties, and for her article with collaborators Professors Christenson and Kriner for their article accepted into Energy Policy. 

February 2017:

Congratulations to Prof. Goldfarb for being named one of the American Chemical Society Green Chemistry Institute’s GreenX: Rising Star. She will receive this award and give a talk at the Rising Star Plenary at the GCI conference in June. Welcome to Tharanga Jayarathne, a first year ME PhD student, doing a rotation in our lab this semester. Congrats to Ami and Thiago on their article accepted in Journal of Analytical and Applied Pyrolysis; to Dr. Dou for her article accepted and published in Fuel, and Dr. Goldfarb and her co-author Dr. Kriner for their article published in Science Communication. It’s been a busy month!

January 2017:IMG_1814

Welcome to Noah Bernays, BU MechE (B.S. ’18) to the lab! Noah received a UROP award to work on biomass – polymer foam composites for water treatment. Congrats to Guolan for the recent publication in Fuel! Prof. Goldfarb is off to Trento, Italy, on her Fulbright this month.

October 2016:

beijing2016Congratulations to Prof. Goldfarb for her NSF Travel Award to present work at the Institute for Sustainability in Suzhou, China this month. While in China, she visited former lab members Guolan in Suzhou, and then headed up to Beijing to visit with Junjie and give talks at Tsinghua University and China Agricultural University. This month we also welcome Lihui Gao to the EME2Lab!

September 2016:

We’re back from ACS and back to school here in Boston. Congratulations to Azat and Guolan for their first ACS Presentations. We’re welcoming Cole Ashman, a new PhD student in the group from Tulane University into the EME2Lab through the Mechanical Engineering Graduate Program. With sadness we bid Guolan well as she returns to China after a very productive year here in Boston. Congratulations to Prof. Goldfarb for being named a Faculty Fellow of the Pardee Center for the Study of the Longer Range Future. She and her fellow PIs (Wendy Heiger-Bernays, Public Health and David Glick, Political Science) will be working on a project titled: Integrating Science, Health and Policy to Engineer Global Sustainable Water Access. Congrats to the group for their recent team-effort publication in RSC Advances and to Dr. Goldfarb’s paper in Energy Conversion & Management.

June 2016:

There is excitement in the air in the EME2Lab these days. Welcome to Carol Johnson, our post-doctoral researcher joining us from Duke University/Virginia Tech, working on environmental implications of quantum dots. Congratulations to Azat for passing his qualifying exams, Anna for receiving her M.S. degree, Chitanya for her STARS award for summer research, and Prof. Goldfarb for her Fulbright Award (Jan-June 2017). Next stop for our group is the American Chemical Society meeting in Philadelphia, where Azat and Guolan will give talks and Prof. Goldfarb will assume the role of Fall National Meeting Programming Chair for the Division of Environmental Chemistry.

February 2016:

Time flies! We’re training on our ICP-MS and GC-MS this week!

January 2016:

The New Year is off to a busy start here in the EME2Lab. Ami Vyas just published her first paper (Energy & Fuels) and won first place at the Rice University Gulf Coast Undergraduate Research Symposium for Energy Materials. Bigger news – our new Agilent ICP-MS and GC-MS are arriving this month and the whole lab is looking forward to all the new experiments to run! And hey – we’re even hiring a post-doc in environmental nano material work. If you’re interested, send an email!

September 2015:

The new school year is off to a great start – we’re kicking off our new project on Municipal Solid Waste to Energy Conversion, funding by the BU Initiative on Cities. We also welcome Guolan Dou, post-doctoral researcher, to the EME2Lab. Remember… PhD applications are due December 15 to BU, and we have room for new students.

August 2015:

What an end to the summer! We just returned from Taiwan, where Ami Vyas and Luis Barroso Luque (student of Prof. Emily Ryan) presented their work at the TECO Green Tech Competition.  Congratulations to Ami Vyas and Junjie Xue on making their first national presentations at the recent American Chemical Society Meeting here in Boston.  We welcome Azat Suleimenov (MSE PhD Student) to the EME2Lab.

July 2015:

Projects are heating up in EME2Lab faster than the city of Boston. The whole team is churning out results faster than we can write them up! Prof. Goldfarb, in collaboration with Prof. Allison Dennis, just received a National Science Foundation grant on their Environmental Fate & Transport of Quantum Dots project. We’re looking for a post-doc to join the lab who has experience with NanoEHS. Know anyone? Tell them to email Dr. Goldfarb!

June 2015:

What a start to the summer! We welcome Stephanie Emenyonu from Dartmouth College into our lab from the BU Photonics REU Summer Program. Ami Vyas won a Boston University STARS summer fellowship to continue her work on Oil Shale Semicoke Byproduct conversions, which will be presented at the TECO 2015 GreenTech Contest in Taiwan later this summer. Finally, Prof. Goldfarb received a grant from the Boston University Initiative on Cities to fund a new project on Municipal Solid Waste to Energy Conversions.

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