About EDF

The Boston University Electronics Design Facility designs and builds advanced electronics in support of research science and education. The EDF develops a broad range of instrumentation, from small “black box” circuits for a lab to large systems. Areas of specialty include RF, low-noise circuits, programmable logic and impedance controlled fine-line multi-layer printed circuit boards (PCB). Since 1986 the EDF has contributed to research at the Framingham Heart Study, Fermi National Lab, CERN, Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center and many other sites.


Alex Madorsky
EDF Director
Alex joined EDF in 2023. He has been designing electronics for large-scale physics experiments for over 25 years. Alex is skilled at project management, system integration, high-speed digital electronics design, FPGA firmware development, embedded systems, software development, and analog circuit design.
E-mail:  madorsky@bu.edu | Phone: 617-353-8944 | Office: PRB 461

Jonathan Fulcher
Senior Engineer
Jonathan joined EDF in 2023. He has a Ph.D. in Physics and extensive experience in data acquisition for particle physics experiments at CERN. His focus has been logic design for FPGAs and associated software development.

Sebastian Moya
Sebastian joined EDF in 2024. He studied electrical engineering at Texas A&M University and looks forward to contributing to the advancement of science through his experience developing electronic systems and printed circuit board layouts.

E-mail:  smoya@bu.edu | Phone: 617-353-8933 | Office: PRB 585

Lila Smith
Lila joined EDF in 2024. They studied electrical and computer engineering at Olin College and are excited to contribute through FPGA firmware development and printed circuit board design.

E-mail:  sm1th@bu.edu | Phone: 617-353-8958 | Office: PRB 473

Chris Lawlor
Chris has been with the EDF since 2004.  He handles administrative and technical tasks for the EDF, including record-keeping, purchasing, prototype assembly and testing, and equipment repair.

E-mail:  cjlawlor@bu.edu | Phone: 617-353-4117 | Office: PRB 461