About Us


The center is a hub for Deaf and signing researchers, educators, creators, and technologists to promote sign languages and Deaf cultures, and to build a world in which the human right to accessible language is realized for all Deaf children. We conduct research on how sign languages are learned and used, design sign language-based creative works and technologies that foster learning and communication, and support a network of Deaf educators and leaders in multilingual multicultural education.


Core beliefs

Access to language, especially during early childhood, is a fundamental human right.

Sign languages are vibrant and treasured.

Sign languages are critical to our understanding of the human mind and the human capacity for language.

Deaf perspectives are a vital part the human experience.

Deaf children thrive in communities that are culturally, racially, and linguistically diverse.

Deaf people must guide the educational, cultural, and social systems that impact them.

Center activities are driven by curiosity and innovation.