CuPID Survives Vibe… Again!

July 9th, 2021

Last week, requirements for the Cubesats riding on this launch changed unexpectedly. We were required to re-test the satellites to higher vibration levels to guarantee that our satellites will behave during launch, and will do no harm to the launch vehicle.

On Friday July 2nd, with incredible assistance from our co-workers at NASA, we performed a vibration test at Wallops Flight Facility. CuPID did phenomenally, and really proved itself on the vibe table that day!

Check out some of the cool stuff that came from that day of testing!

Rousseau Nutter (left) and Connor O’Brien (right) tighten down the screws that mount CuPID to the vibration table.

Video: CuPID tests the X-axis random vibe. We increase the power of the shake from -20dB to -9dB then -3dB and finally 0dB to observe if something would warrant the termination of the test. (0dB is the full power of the test). Listen to the sound of CuPID as it goes through the test! The video does not to the sound justice!

Example data from CuPID’s X-axis vibration test. The axes are log scale. X-axis is driving frequency, Y axis is the acceleration spectral density (ASD)… aka how hard the shake is. The purple line is the target driving, and the black line is CuPID’s response. Our first resonance is at 610 Hz which means our spacecraft is one solid cubesat!