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Welcome to the blog of Boston University’s Community Service Center! On this site you will find articles about the many programs, events, and community partnerships that we engage with daily at the CSC. This site is also home to our podcast, which centers in on social justice areas that affect us as BU Students, young Bostonians, and vulnerable populations around the world. This page will be updated frequently to share everyone’s stories. All of our content is created and edited by our awesome team of Storytelling volunteers.  New to the program? Continue reading below for an overview of what we do and why we do it!




When the CSC decided to implement this blog in 2016, we did so with the hopes that we could showcase some of the humble work that our many other programs and volunteers do for the communities that we have been generously welcomed into. Everyone involved with the CSC has an individual story to tell about their work, and we hope to showcase that.

In 2018, the “Ask and Tell” podcast was created with the hope that our team can use our voices to highlight social injustices in our world and tell personal stories about our experiences as human beings. This year, we hope to expand outside of the CSC and learn what opinions other Boston University students have on social issues that face our world.


One of the most effective ways to become a stronger member of your community is to educate yourself on the many different aspects of society and reflect on your role in these caveats. To see the world from one clear perspective is admirable knowledge for it allows you to understand oneself, but to see the world from a thousand muddled perspectives is truly wisdom, for it allows you to empathize with all. This year, you can expect several easy-to-follow resource guides for a variety of social justice issues to be posted on our blog. We want to help you grow as an active citizen.


By bringing together such a diverse community through service, we have more accessibility to new voices and stories. All words have power within, but it depends on how these voices can be amplified that shows the true strength of power and communication. We hope that this serves as a platform to share all stories!.


Throughout my time volunteering and working with the CSC, I have learned that word of mouth is how people learn from each other, and social media fast-tracks how information is shared. The COVID-19 pandemic created a pause on social interactions, but even more stories were shared throughout quarantine. I hope to use this platform as a way to share as many voices as I can throughout the CSC, BU community, and Boston.

Feel free to contact me with any questions, comments, or ideas at Thank you for visiting and I hope I can share your story!

– Greta Bauer