Fact Sheets on Safe Opening of K-12 Schools

Samantha Blakemore
Mentor: Dr. Ellie Murray

As part of the safe opening team, students are creating a series of infographics and fact sheets to help staff and families be prepared. The first is a fact sheet listing recommendations for the use of cloth face masks in K-12 schools.

Guidance for the Use of Cloth Masks in K-12 Schools

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Guidance for the Use of Cloth Masks in K-12 Schools

Image: Hands holding a cloth face mask

  • Encourage the wearing of cloth face masks as part of your school reopening plan, especially in situations where distancing is difficult to maintain
  • Include several cloth face masks on school supply lists
  • Have extra face masks on hand to provide to students, teachers, staff, and visitors as needed
  • Provide face masks with a clear window to teachers and staff who interact with students who rely on lip reading to learn
  • Ensure all cloth face masks are of high quality, fit closely to the face, and are made with 2-3 layers of fabric
  • Educate students, parents, teachers, and staff on the correct use of cloth face masks
  • Wash or sanitize hands before putting face mask on
  • Avoid touching face mask while wearing it
  • Wash face masks between uses
  • Cloth face masks should be stored in separate spaces designated for each student when not being worn, and should not be shared or swapped
  • Face shields are not a replacement for face masks – cloth face masks should be worn even when wearing a face shield