The Valley of Unity

Simorgh in black and white surrounded by coloured circles representing unity

The Valley of Unity is where the individual loses his identity and realises that all things are one and are united within the divine. Here there is no plurality. Here a drop of rain merges with the ocean to attain its actual purpose to be one with the other droplets and lose itself in the sea which is an expression of ultimate reality.This Valley is described as celebrating the oneness of diversity, not the oneness locked in singularity. The soul is prompting all to be lost in Unity’s inclusive span.

In my portrayal of The Valley of Unity, I decided to draw the Simorgh to represent the final goal of all the birds becoming one, losing their separate stories and identities as such. The Simorgh is in black and white and not colour to symbolise that it is the initial goal, not the actual Simorgh which the birds are striving towards. The different coloured circles symbolise the various birds losing themselves in their journeys, their pilgrimage to the Simorgh, in order to find themselves and therefore the the coloured circles are like droplets dissolving into one: “The lovely forms and colours are undone/And what seemed many things is only one”.

Background music: Original composition for Santur and Daf
by Danial Shariat

A note on the music:

“This piece is entirely homophonic, as to represent unity.The constant octaves on the santur and the monotone drum help resemble the dichotomy of the multitudes that is contained in the soul as well as its unity with the divine.” (DS)

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