MS in Population Health Research: Climate and Health is a year-long program focused on “an in-depth understanding of the far-reaching health impacts of climate change, challenging students to harness the power of data to protect the environment and improve public health.” 

Center for Climate and Health faculty teach the following courses:

  • SPH EH 720: Climate Change and Public Health provides an overview of the multitude of effects climate change has on human health from winds and floods, heat waves, population displacement, crop failures and food insecurity, altered ecology of infectious organisms, and air pollution and pollen.
  • SPH EH 722: Climate Change and Health Equity is a new course offering in Spring 2023 taught by Dr. Amruta Nori-Sarma. This course explores the interconnections between climate change, health, and equity, with a particular focus on upstream interventions to mitigate climate impacts that may have co-benefits for health and equity.
  • SPH EH 811: Intro GIS for Public Health teaches principles and applications of Geographical Information Systems to analyze public health and climate data.

Other climate and health related courses:

    • CAS EE 512: Urban Climate introduces climate processes in urban environments from heat islands, mitigation efforts and modeling techniques.

    Students in interested in more climate focused classes can pursue options in the Earth and Environment course offerings.