Luisa Zamudio

I’m a first-year graduate student working with Prof. Catherine Espaillat. I’m mainly involved in the study of protoplanetary disks located in prominent star-forming regions (e.g. Serpens and Orion). My work consists on the fitting of Spectral Energy Distributions (SEDs) of these disks using an Artificial Neural Network (ANN; Ribas et al. 2020), with the intention of calculating their disk mass and comparing these values with those in the literature. The main objective being at the moment to identify the particularities of the ANN for the fitting of SEDs.I obtained my BSc in Physics from the Universidad Autonoma de Baja California, Mexico. My previous work before coming to Boston University focused on the study of young stellar populations using astrometry, photometry, and spectroscopy. My undergrad thesis focused on the study of T-Tauri star located in the Orion OB association using the LAMOST spectrograph and since then I’ve performed research with Dr. Jesus Hernandez, UNAM, Mexico.  As well as research I enjoy carrying out outreach activities and used to manage the Planetarium shows back in my undergrad institution. I plan to become a research scientist.

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