BU Hawaii Cultural Association

Aloha! We are Boston University’s Hawaii Cultural Association (BU HCA), a student organization aiming to spreading the beautiful Aloha spirit and cultural awareness of the 50th state! For information on recent club business, check out the Updates page!

Mission: The purpose of the Hawaii Cultural Association is to raise awareness and cultivate interest in the Hawaiian culture as well as help the Hawaiian-grown students at Boston University adapt and adjust to the Boston area as easily as possible. The HCA will attempt, to the best of its abilities, to provide opportunities for the entire student body to learn about the Hawaiian culture. We aim to allow students with an interest in Hawaii an opportunity to experience contemporary and traditional Hawaiian dance, culture, and language. Another objective of this organization is to instill ties throughout the community and between its members.

General Information: Our goal is to be achieved by holding events of interest open to the entire student body. Although a further goal of BUHCA is to assist in the integration of students from Hawaii to the East Cost, we seek to attract more than just the Hawaii-grown students at BU. Our mission is to provide an enjoyable and integrated cultural experience to the whole of the BU student community.