Outreach & Press Highlights

Some of our favorites… 

Selected Newspaper Articles:CP.Rotjan.underwater.silo

2-15-18 Cosmos – Drugs and plastics threatening ocean and human health

1-11-18 Harvard Gazette – For answers on coral conservation, she followed the fish

11-18-17 The Daily Free Press – BU professor dives to depths of Pacific to explore rare coral

8-16-17 EcoRI News – New England’s Only Hard Coral Could Help Determine Extent of Microplastic Pollution

4-9-17 New Scientist – Mass bleaching hits Great Barrier Reef for second year in a row

8-15-16 New York Times Science Times cover – Giant Coral Reef in Protected Area Shows New Signs of Life

9-10-15 The Boston Globe – Waiting for El Nino on a remote Pacific reef

1-6-13 The Boston Globe – Research takes scientist off the beaten path

4-26-10 Science Daily – Social networking helps hermit crabs find homes

3-22-10 New York Times Science Times cover – Are Aquariums Getting Too Lifelike?


Recent Radio & Podcasts:

4-10-17 NPR Here and Now – Coral Bleaching Ravages Australia’s Great Barrier Reef

8-18-16 NPR Here and Now – Once Dying And Bleached, A Pacific Coral Reef Is Blooming Again

3-27-17 ABC News Pacific Beat – New marine species discovered off Kiribati in ground-breaking exploration of untouched ocean floor


Recent Outreach:

6-25-18 Exploring by the seat of your pants (6 schools in Canada) with Rotjan lab PhD student, Brian Kennedy


6-15-18 Skype with Cottage Lane Elementary School (New Jersey)

Selected  Video/Movie/ Documentary highlights:

10/15/17 – Schmidt Ocean Institute / Deep Corals of PIPA Video 1  Video 2  Video 3  Video 4

11/18/16 – Biodiversity for a Livable Climate – Secret Seas: A story of ocean wonder hidden below the oceans surface 

6/16/16 – New England Aquarium IMAX Lecture Series – PIPA Expedition 2016

11/4/2014 – BBC Earth – Hermit crab house swap video; click here for related blog post

8/23/12 – AAAS Cutting Edge: The Oceans – New discoveries in the world of corals with Randi Rotjan

4/17/11 – Thoughtcast – Coral reefs, hermit crabs, and tube worms

6/28/10- Simply Science: The Bleaching of Colorful Coral Reefs


Selected Magazines & Journals:

4-11-2018 Journal of Open Exploration – My Deep Sea, My Backyard

Q1/2018 ROV Planet, Deep sea exploration gives new insights and discoveries in the largest and deepest UNESCO World Heritage Site

11-8-17 Hydro International Magazine – Deep-sea Exploration Leads to New Insight and Discoveries in Pacific Ocean

10-13-17 BU Research – Experts / Rise of the Reef Doctors

8-22-16 The Weather Channel – ‘Zombie’ Reef Once Thought Dead Comes Back to Life

Nature News 2009 doi:10.1038/news.2009.1163 – Fish tanks ‘threaten Sunshine State sea creatures’

In brief, Nature Reviews Microbiology 2008 6:412 


Selected  Blogs:

4-17-2018 National Geographic OpenExplorers – Kiribati Open Exploration

10-2017 Schmidt Ocean Institute Deep Corals of PIPA Blog 

5-29-10 Nature.com – House of Wisdom – Deep Inside the Red Sea

Rotjan has written over 100 blog posts for the New England Aquarium, on their Global Explorers Blog