Applications for Summer 2021 will be due in early December 2020 – mid-February 2021

I am not a US citizen or Permanent Resident (green card holder) of the US.  Can I apply for BU-PRO?

  • No. Unfortunately, our funding sources allow us to offer fellowships only to US citizens and Permanent Residents.

I am a BU student. Can I apply for BU-PRO?

  • Yes. If you are a BU student, please contact the physics DUS for more info.

I am not a member of an underrepresented minority group. Can I apply for BU-PRO?

  • Yes. We welcome applications from all eligible undergraduate students interested in participating in the BU-PRO program.

How should my recommenders send their reference letters?

  • In the application, there is a spot for your recommenders’ email addresses. Once you submit your application, your recommenders will receive an email from us at the email address you listed in the application. It will contain directions on how to submit their letters through a portal link. Please do not send recommendation letters to our BU-PRO email.

How are BU-PRO participants chosen?

  • Admission to the BU-PRO Program is based on a number of factors. We consider an applicant’s higher education and career goals, personal statement, research interests, academic record, and the availability of a suitable Boston University research mentor. All applications are evaluated by the program staff; top applications are then reviewed by the BU-PRO Director and potential faculty mentors.

How do I know who my faculty mentor will be?

  • A list of professors who have agreed to participate as research mentors is available on this page. In the application, you will be asked to select three faculty members whose research interests are similar to yours. If you are awarded a Fellowship, you will be working in the lab of one of these three mentors. We make every effort to arrange the best possible placement.

What type of summer housing do you offer?

  • BU-PRO participants are provided with Boston University housing in an apartment-style double room for the duration of the program. These apartments generally house two students, and have their own kitchens and bathrooms. Participants are not required to live in University housing for the summer, but we cannot provide a subsidy if you choose to live in non-BU housing. We do not have housing available for married students or any other couple arrangements.

Will I be on a meal plan?

  • The BU-PRO Program does not provide a meal plan to students. Participants may elect to purchase a University or off-campus meal plan. Each apartment-style residence includes kitchen facilities, though students will have to supply their own pots, pans, and other kitchen supplies.

Should I bring a car?

  • We do not recommend that you bring a car to Boston for the summer. The public transportation system is excellent. Moreover, parking permits are rather expensive (over $300 for the summer) and often do not guarantee you a spot.

What is the typical workload as an REU participant and what is expected of me?

  • As an REU participant you are committed to working a maximum of 40‐hours per week for 10 weeks. Thus, you should not enroll in REU if you plan on carrying a significant coursework load, or holding a second part-time job. Accepting an REU position implies that you agree to be available for the entire ten‐week program. You should consult with your faculty research mentor your specific work schedule and work schedule flexibility.

Can I apply to BU-PRO if I am a high school student?

  • Unfortunately, no. Our program is specific for current undergraduate students. We would encourage any current high school students to contact individual faculty members at local universities for research opportunities.

How do I get answers to other questions?

  • We will gladly respond to any questions about the program that are not addressed here. You can email us at bupro@physics.bu.edu  or call 617-353-2600 to speak with a staff member.