Welcome to the Goode OT Test Library

Sharon Ryan and Wendy Coster

Sharon Goode Ryan (left) and
OT Dept Chair Wendy Coster (right)

Boston University’s Goode OT Test Library is named for the parents of a generous alumna (Sharon Goode Ryan, SAR ’70) who supports the library. The library houses a large selection of screening and assessment tools that measure cognitive, perceptual, motor, and functional abilities of children and adults. Materials in the library also include books, journals, and CD-ROMs that complement resources available in Mugar Library and the Sargent Makechnie Study Center (MSC).

Click here to read more about Sharon Goode Ryan, a member of the Boston University Board of Trustees and Sargent Dean’s Advisory Board.


The Goode Test Library, part of the Occupational Therapy Department at Sargent College, provides a broad resource for teaching and scholarship. The library’s resources are available for the immediate BU Sargent community and affiliates in the Boston area OT community. While our first priority is to support the OT curriculum for current students and faculty, we are also available as a resource for local practitioners to preview assessment tools before purchase, or to occasionally access tests that are not available elsewhere.

What is in the Goode Test Library?

The Goode Test Library holds a variety of assessment tools that may be used with different populations. The librarians are familiar with the library’s materials, and they may guide individuals to assessments in the areas in which they are interested.