By mogensen


November 22nd, 2016

This past Thursday (11/17) one of our most wonderful eelgrass advocates and  restoration volunteers, Nedret Andre, hosted a solo art exhibition in downtown Boston. Her work captured the world beneath the ocean’s surface. Nedret pulled viewers into the depths of eelgrass beds using vibrant paintings that captured the complex and lively world within these essential habitats. Nedret also incorporated science into her artwork, educating those in attendance through talks given by our own Alyssa Novak and Harvard Fellow Barbanas Daru. The evening was a powerful sentiment to the necessity of these vital habitats and the reality of their disappearance at an alarming rate. Thank you Nedret for your work advocating for the education and support of these ecosystems! 


More about her work can be found on her blog as well as further information about the show as written about in Art New England Magazine