If you have trouble accessing any published or unpublished work, please contact me for a copy.

Working papers:

Differentiation in Adoption of Environmental Standards: LEED from 2000-2010, with Tim Simcoe and Yanfei Wang, August 2015.

Explaining adoption and use of payment instruments by U.S. consumers, with Sergei Koulayev, Scott Schuh, Joanna Stavins, May 2015, under Revision for the RAND Journal of Economics.

Estimating Network Effects in a Dynamic Environment, with Gautam Gowrisankaran and Minsoo Park, March 2014.

Computing Price-Cost Margins in a Durable Goods Environment, with Gautam Gowrisankaran and Grace Yu, March 2014.

Payment Choice with Consumer Panel Data, with Michael Cohen, March 2013.

Working projects:

Discrete Adjustment Costs, Investment Dynamics, and Productivity Growth: Evidence from Chilean Manufacturing Plants, with Olga Fuentes and Simon Gilchrist

A Structural Model of Network Formation: World Air Services Agreements, with Phil McCalman


Rysman, M. and Wright, J. (2015) Economics of Payment Cards, with Julian Wright, forthcoming, Review of Network Economics.

Jin, G. and Rysman, M (2014) Platform Pricing at Sportscard Conventions, forthcoming, Journal of Industrial Economics.  (Mathematica Code for Appendix)

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Older projects:

Rysman, M. (2003). Adoption Delay in a Standards War.   (A theoretical paper analyzing the hypothesis put forth in Augereau, Greenstein and Rysman)

Competition Policy as Strategic Trade,  July 2001.     (Algebra for Lemma 6)  This paper has a few citations so I leave it here, but it is largely superseded by the paper with De Stefano available above.