Spring 2013 Commencement: Congratulations New Grads!

Image via The Julia Child Foundation

The Boston University Gastronomy Program is thrilled to congratulate our new Spring 2013 graduates.

After completing multiple semesters of core course work in subjects like theory and methodology, history, food and the senses, and anthropology, along with various electives or numerous hours spent in the onsite Culinary Lab course, these new grads walked the stage prepped for their next adventure.

Image via Boston University

The following students graduated with an MLA in Gastronomy at the University’s May Commencement ceremonies:

  • Lucia Austria
  • Marty Brennan-Sawyer
  • Valentina Cordero-Caruso
  • Aubree Duplessis
  • Anthony Filippone
  • Alison Gross
  • Jessica Habalou
  • Robert Haley
  • Michelle Hastings
  • Liane Herrick
  • Kyra James
  • Kate Hamman Knapp
  • Molly Kravitz
  • Kelsey Laws
  • Valerie Ryan
  • Allison Schultz
  • Christine Seible
  • Lori Vail
  • Sarah Warmus
  • Rachel Wegman

Congratulations to all!

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