The EDF design team provides a wide range of electronic engineering services to support research science. These services include design, PCB layout, programming, simulation, documentation, mechanical & assembly, repairs, procurement, consultation, and training.

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Super K QTC Module
Super-K QTC Module

The EDF team solves technical problems which occur in research through the design of scientific equipment which meets the experimenter’s requirements.  The EDF can provide assistance with:

  • Instrument Design & Construction
  • Data Acquisition & Analysis
  • Signal & Image Processing
  • Experiment Control Systems
  • Analog and RF Circuit Design
  • Digital Circuit Design
  • Embedded Systems
  • Computer Interfacing


The EDF offers consultation sessions for researchers seeking advice and recommendations on commercially available products, parts, vendors, literature, PCB manufacturing, assembly houses, and much more. A short consultation session – at any stage of the project – can translate into tremendous cost savings for customers. The EDF staff offers a holistic perspective on the design process through its diverse portfolio of experience and connections.

PCB Layout

The EDF’s printed circuit board services includes schematic capture, parts selection, a custom PCB library, and consultation. The EDF can pick up your design at any stage and take it to completion.

  • Printed Circuit Boards
  • Multilayer Surface Mount Designs
  • Flexi and Rigid-Flex Designs and Assembly
  • High Speed Digital, Analog, and RF Circuits
  • Documentation including Schematic, Assembly, and Fabrication Drawings
  • Fabrication and Assembly
  • Testing and Production

NOTE: New Rates as of 10/5/20

Depending on the nature of the project, jobs may be either quoted at a fixed rate or billed per time and materials. This is decided on a case-by-case basis by the director in consultation with the prospective customer.

New rates below per updated CAS policies.

Rates as of 10/5/2020
Electronics Engineer Technician Student Technician
Boston University Customers $89.00/hr $60.00/hr $15.00/hr
Scientific Collaborators* $124.00/hr $83.00/hr $21.00
Outside Customers $206.00/hr $153.00/hr $27.00

Rates as of 11/01/2016
Senior Electronics Engineer Electronics Engineer Technician Student Technician
Boston University Customers $66.00/hr $46.00/hr $33.00/hr $15.00/hr)
Scientific Collaborators* $90.00/hr $61.00/hr $48.00/hr t.b.d
Outside Customers $132.00/hr $92.00/hr $66.00/hr t.b.d.