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BUWIC Volunteers at Lincoln High’s Science Night!

March 25th, 2015 in Outreach

Alexis, Katie, Reem, and Stacy volunteered at Lincoln High’s Science Night on Friday March 20.  They did the elephant toothepaste demo, which the kids loved!

BUWIC Volunteers at Brighton High School’s Freshmen Science Fair!

February 4th, 2015 in Outreach

Alexis and Reem volunteered at Brighton High School’s Freshman Science Fair on Thursday January 22, 2015!


Chemistry Day May 2014 a Success!

May 8th, 2014 in Outreach


The Boston University (BU) Chemistry Department and BU Women in Chemistry (BUWIC) have sponsored the sixth annual Chemistry Day on Friday, May 2, 2014. Through this collaboration, we hosted over 170 high school students, from Brighton (Brighton), O’Bryant (Roxbury), and Boston Latin (Dorchester) high schools, making this our most attended Chemistry Day. The event began when we welcomed our high school students with a one-hour demonstration show led by BUWIC’s Outreach Coordinator, Stacy Chin (BU Chemistry, 2nd year). These demonstrations focused on chemistry concepts regarding pH changes of a solution, the ideal gas law, making “Elephant’s Toothpaste,” and the “Methane Mamba.” Afterwards, the students broke off into 12 smaller groups, led by our BU undergraduate volunteers, to tour different chemistry labs and the BU Chemical Instrument Center (CIC). The students also got to work together in our undergraduate teaching laboratory to perform an oxidation and reduction metal experiment (a variation on a CH101 undergraduate lab experiment) and also use glow sticks to investigate different antioxidants in common vitamins and foods. These experiments were led by graduate students Stacy Chin, Kathryn Summo (BUWIC President), Jessica Biagi (BUWIC Vice President), Diane Hamann (BUWIC Seminar Coordinator), Stephanie Maiocco (BUWIC Social Coordinator), Cheryl Chiang (BUWIC Treasurer), and Gina Kim (BUWIC Webmaster and Secretary). Before returning to their high schools at the end of this half-day event, the students enjoyed a BBQ lunch sponsored by the Chemistry Department.

BU Chemistry Day is the conclusion of an outreach program coordinated by Stacy during the 2014 spring academic semester. Throughout the course of the program, 8 BU undergraduates visited multilingual chemistry classrooms at Brighton, O’Bryant, and Boston Latin High Schools, every other week to mentor students, assist teachers with instruction, and perform demonstrations.

BU Chemistry is grateful to all of those involved, with special thanks to:

  • BUWIC- Kathryn Summo (President), Jessica Biagi (Vice President), Stacy Chin (Outreach Coordinator), Diane Hamann (Seminar Coordinator), Stephanie Maiocco (Social Coordinator), Cheryl Chiang (Treasurer), and Gina Kim (Webmaster & Secretary).
  • Teaching lab coordinators: Boris Bezverkhnyand Alex Golger
  • Graduate Student and Post-doctoral Teaching Fellow Volunteers: Matt Golder, Evan Darzi, Evan Judd, Steven Hannigan, and Daniele Ramella
  • Undergraduate “Outreachers”: Kyle Bannon (O’Bryant), Kelly Demeo (O’Bryant), Pyria Jani (Brighton), Doreen Sayadfar (Brighton), Abby Eichelman (Brighton), Min Yang (Brighton), May Young (Boston Latin), Tessa Lynch-Colameta (Boston Latin), Esther Yan (Boston Latin).

Undergraduate Volunteers: Francis Graff, Eric Loreaux, Leslie Fung, Ana Fernandez-Ravelo, Thuy Le, Daniel Wiley, Undina Osk, Koryn Palaski, Lynne Cherchia, Vasilis Paraschos, Stephen Figueroa, Anna Southworth, Niklaos Matsaniotis, Bryant Yu, Christie Yeo, Serah Yim, Jennifer Kwong

Here are some pictures from our awesome 2014 Chemistry Day!

BUWIC Volunteers at SET in the City!

April 12th, 2014 in Outreach


BUWIC members volunteered at SET in the City‘s Science Bazaar!  We did a really cool elephant toothepaste demo (hydrogen peroxide and potassium iodide).  See pictures below and the awesome video of the demo here!


Volunteering at Summer Pathways!

August 28th, 2013 in Outreach


BUWIC volunteered at Summer Pathways (see their homepage here) again on Wednesday July 17, 2013!  See pictures below from our fun day of helping students with lab demos and tours!

Vertex Summer Fellowship 2013-2014

July 31st, 2013 in Funding Opportunities, Outreach


We are pleased to announce that we will have the high school mentorship program (see here to last year’s announcement!) funded by Vertex this year again!  Please see the following announcement on the BU Chemistry Department about Vertex’s continued support of BUWIC:  Vertex Support of BUWIC

Chemistry Day May 2013 a Success!

May 8th, 2013 in Outreach


BUWIC hosted a high school students from English and Brighton High Schools this Tuesday for our annual Chemistry Day on Thursday May 8, 2013. The group of 50+ students were welcomed with a some chemistry demos, including the classic (and audience favorite) elephant toothpaste. The high school students were also led through a series of lab experiments and taken on a few lab tours (thanks to the generosity of host Professors Elliot, Jasti, and Schaus!).

And check out this summary of Chemistry Day featured on the Boston University Chemistry Department news! Chemistry Day 2013


BUWIC participates in local science fair

January 28th, 2013 in Outreach


Three members of BUWIC, Jessica Biagi, Kathryn Summo, and Elizabeth Villar, were guest judges at Friday’s STEM fair at Pioneer Charter School of Science(PCSS). They helped with scoring the final rounds of contestants in the 6th annual fair, a rigorous and competitive event.  Winners of the PCSS STEM fair go on to compete at the regional, state and national science/engineering competitions.

Our participation in this event was coordinated through Mahmut Bekin, a chemistry instructor and head of the science department at PCSS.


Volunteering at Summer Pathways!

July 11th, 2012 in Outreach


Some of our BUWIC members volunteered at Summer Pathways Wednesday July 11, 2012 by conducting demos and helping with tours of the Allen, Doerrer, and Perlstein labs here at BU.

Summer Pathways is a one-week program at Boston University for high school girls (check it out here!).

Vertex Summer Fellowship 2012-2013

May 15th, 2012 in Funding Opportunities, Outreach

We are pleased to announce a new high school mentorship program beginning this summer.  We will be accepting students from the Boston Public High Schools to work with graduate students and post-doctoral fellows in a six-week program to introduce them to and help them learn skills in basic chemical and biochemical research.The program will run from June 25th to August 3rd, 2012 followed by poster presentations from the students in a summer research symposium.

This outreach fellowship is made possible by a generous support grant from Vertex Pharmaceuticals.