Welcome to BUWIC!

Who are we?

Boston University Women in Chemistry (BUWIC) is a student-run organization which works closely with the Chemistry Department and the Graduate Women In Science and Engineering (GWISE) organization at Boston University to provide support and networking opportunities for graduate students and postdoctoral scholars.

Who can join?

Any graduate student or postdoctoral scholar, female or male, who is interested in BUWIC’s events and mission.

What do we do?

  • Research Seminars: Leading women in academia and industry present their science to the broader BU community.
  • Discussions and Panels: Women scientists from all career levels speak candidly about their goals, choices and career paths.
  • Educational Outreach: BU students lead chemistry lessons and tutor at local high schools.
  • Resume & CV Workshops
  • Meeting Fellowships
  • Social Events



Since our establishment in 2005, we have provided our members with educational workshops and social networking opportunities and have hosted accomplished speakers from both ‘traditional’ and ‘non-traditional’ scientific fields.

We help graduate and post-graduate students make challenging career decisions and continuously address uncertainties and questions every student harbors: “What happens after graduation?”  “What kind of career path will support and enable me to have a family?” “Is academia or industry right for me?”

BUWIC is widely known for its informative and candid luncheons where members sit alongside professionals holding chemistry-based positions in academia, government, journalism, industry, patent law and the arts. Members get the opportunity to actively question and learn from each speaker’s professional insight and personal decisions.

BUWIC supports the university community through various collaborations, recruitment events and off-campus educational outreach. We continue to financially support graduate and postdoctoral researchers attending the National Meetings of the American Chemical Society and participate in the Chemistry Department’s Colloquium Series by recruiting BUWIC-funded speakers.


Become a member of BUWIC to attend our career seminars, participate in workshops, and apply for travel fellowships.  Email: buwic@bu.edu