Katrina DeMarcus

Katrina DeMarcus is a Puerto Rican-American multidisciplinary artist, from and based in Atlanta, GA. She began experimenting with textiles and wearable art while studying at the Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, New York.  Her work juxtaposes her mixed ethnicity and inner voice to cream living soft sculpture.Her recent textile work features hand knitted and crochet masks inspired by Puerto Rican folklore, that has expanded into a collection of unique characters expressing her inner voice and visions.
She writes:
“I began my journey of mask making while drafting my thesis in 2018, right when Puerto Rico was hit by Hurricane Maria. My desire to connect to the island and make a meaningful collection naturally embraced my new skill- knitting. I decided to try and knit a version of the Vejigante mask- a famous Puerto Rican mask and character. After one mask , the art form took over my original medium. In my opinion, masks have a unique ability to communicate and transform people to a reflect what we have inside of us.”