Trends in Global Governance and Europe’s Role (TRIGGER) Conference

On May 31, 2022, I was the key speaker in a conversation titled “Building Bridges: Perspectives on the EU and Its Future” at the Trends in Global Governance and Europe’s Role (TRIGGER) conference. The event was organized by the consortium of universities and think-tanks involved in the Horizon 2020 grant TRIGGER, led by the Center for European Policy Studies (CEPS) in Brussels. This was the grant project’s final conference.  

In the session, which continued for an hour and ten minutes (so beyond the planned 45 minutes), I discussed a wide range of issues regarding the EU, including the complications related to its ‘actorness’ in the global arena, given the many different institutional actors in the EU with different competences in different policy areas; the question of legitimacy, in particular in times of ‘emergency politics,’ with a special focus on the eurozone crisis, the Covid-19 crisis, and the Ukraine crisis; and the major challenges facing the EU today, including regarding the cost of living, energy, and security.

A recording can be viewed below.