Diana Ceballos

Assistant Professor, Environmental Health

  • Title Assistant Professor, Environmental Health
  • Phone (617) 358-1911
  • Education University of Washington, PhD
    University of Nevada, Reno, MS
    Universidad Pontificia Bolivariana, BS
My life’s passion is to address health disparities by identifying environmental factors that cause disease, injury, or impairment. These factors range from emerging hazards related to new technologies, to known hazards that are transferred to vulnerable populations including workers in small businesses, minorities, and workers in developing economies. My research aims to better understand health effects from exposure to complex mixtures to uncovering and addressing the disproportionate burden of exposure in vulnerable populations. I am motivated by interdisciplinary and collaborative research projects to understand and prevent health effects of environmental and occupational contaminants in the United States and abroad. I have expertise in the development, coordination and analysis of highly complex environmental and biological sampling techniques, including the development of new sampling methodologies. I aim to recommend safer alternatives, controls, and practical solutions to minimize exposure to complex chemical mixtures and resulting health conditions. I strive to better understand the connection between exposure to hazards in the workplace and the community including the home where workers may transfer hazards to their children. My work was recognized when appointed from 2014-2017 as a Harvard JPB Environmental Health Fellow, promoting a new generation of Environmental Health scholars who are committed to comprehensive approaches to address health disparities in disadvantaged communities, and the 2019 NIOSH Science Bullard-Sherwood r2p Award.

Expertise: Exposure assessment, occupational health, environmental justice, 

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