Adrien Finzi

Professor, Biology

  • Title Professor, Biology
  • Office BRB 527
  • Phone 617.353.2453
Adrien Finzi is a Professor in the Department of Biology at Boston University. He is the principal investigator of the Finzi Lab, the co-director of the Boston University Stable Isotope Laboratory, and Chair of the PhD Certificate Program in Terrestrial Biogeoscience. Dr. Finzi’s interests lie in the factors that regulate productivity and nutrient cycling in terrestrial ecosystems. His research focuses on biogeochemistry and global change in forest ecosystems and is primarily field based using observational and experimental approaches. Particular interests include how interspecific differences in resource uptake and loss affect the distribution of carbon and nitrogen in terrestrial ecosystems. Overall, Dr. Finzi’s perspective is integrative, focusing on how the different components of an ecosystem (soils, microbes, plant species) interact with the physical environment to affect biogeochemical cycling.

Expertise: Forest ecology, biogeochemistry

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