Planting trees with a purpose

Going from a study to a shovel-ready project for the Town of Arlington

Project Partner: Town of Arlington, Spring 2019

Project summary: Every year, 200-300 street trees are planted in Arlington: mostly by resident request, but a portion are planted at the discretion of the town.  By selecting planting sites based on areas that have the highest summer temperatures, the town can help cool the hottest parts of town. An adult tree can reduce daytime summer temperatures by almost 2°C in the area around it. Arlington should prioritize areas with the least amount of trees over the coming years. By doing so, trees will not only make Arlington a cooler place to be, but can actually save lives!

Project deliverables: Policy brief and planting priority index maps indicating which open tree pits in Arlington should be planted based on land surface temperature measurements.

Results for an Arlington neighborhood from a planting-priority index that ranks possible tree locations based on their temperature, availability of open tree pits, and other suitability factors.