Constructing an Understanding of Low-Cost AQ Monitoring

Project Partner: QUANTAQ, Summer 2020

Project Summary: QUANTAQ builds low-cost air quality sensors to serve municipal air quality monitoring needs. While low-cost monitoring offers a unique opportunity to increase the number of monitoring sites, the fidelity of low-cost monitoring has yet to be fully understood. My role with QUANTAQ was to develop tools to assist in acquisition of reference data and manage existing in-house data to improve the ability of the company to function and provide tools for customers. Going forward I intend to continue my partnership with QUANTAQ to assess the fidelity of their low-cost sensor observations versus those of reference air quality sensors. Establishing an understanding of the variability between reference and QUANTAQ’s sensor observations will allow for an improved understanding of the applications of low-cost air quality monitoring.

Project Deliverables: 

  • Data Munging Tools – Quickly and efficiently munge air quality data into a single file.
  • AirNow API Wrapper – Efficiently scrape data from AirNow in a developer-friendly package.
  • Market Research – Building an understanding of existing Low-Cost AQ networks
  • AirNow API Scraping tool blog post – Explaining the above (forthcoming)

Picture forthcoming