Internship Products

Logos of the many partner organizations that URBAN Trainees have worked with!
URBAN Trainees work with diverse partners in government, non-governmental organizations, and the private sector. Below is a searchable database of projects that trainees have completed with links to individual project pages.
Project Theme Trainee Name Trainee Department Partner Organization Link to Project Page
Urban Tree Canopy Cover Luca Morreale Earth & Environment Town of Arlington Planting trees with a purpose
Green Roof Gardens Sarabeth Buckley Earth & Environment BU Sustainability Green Roof Gardens at BU
Urban Forestry Plan Paige Brochu Environmental Health The Nature Conservancy, City of Providence, RI, Providence Neighborhood Planting Program Developing an Urban Forest Plan for Providence, Rhode Island
Climate Change and Human Health Lindsey Butler Environmental Health C40 Helping Cities Adapt to Climate Change through Policy Innovation
Assessing Tick-Borne Disease Risk Tess McCabe Earth & Environment NASA Develop, Maine Medical Center Research Institute Lyme & Vector-Borne Disease Laboratory Forecasting Lyme Cases in Southern Maine using Satellite Data
Environmental Consulting Lucila Houttuijn Bloemendaal Earth & Environment Environmental Resources Management (ERM) Contaminated Site Investigation and Remediation in New England
Impacts of Urbanization and Climate Change on Wildlife Tara Miller Biology Adirondack Wildlife Refuge Adirondack wildlife population exposure to heavy metals and disease
Wastewater Epidemiology David Reynolds Math & Statistics Biobot Analytics Estimating Opioid Usage from Sewage
Greenhouse Gas Inventory Anita Tendler Earth & Environment Cadmus Group Tompkins County Community Greenhouse Gas Emissions & Energy Use Inventory
Urban Tree Canopy Cover Raquel Jimenez Environmental Health Speak For The Trees Boston Improving Tree Equity in the City of Boston
Air Quality Monitoring Taylor Adams Earth & Environment Quant AQ Constructing an Understanding of Low-Cost AQ Monitoring
Classroom Air Quality and Ventilation Catherine Connolly Environmental Health Energize Andover & the Town of Andover Temperature & CO2 Classroom Evaluation at Andover High School
Natural Gas Infrastructure Jessica Wright Earth & Environment Cambridge City Councillor Quinton Zondervan Informing Electrification in Cambridge, MA

Urban Ecosystem Services

Ian Smith Earth & Environment City of Boston Evaluating the Cooling Impact of Vegetation in Boston, MA

Health & Energy Equity

Yasmin Romitti Earth & Environment EGE2: Empowering a Green Environment & Economy, LLC

Coastal Resilience

Sarah Garvey Earth & Environment Mass Audubon Preparing for Climate Change: Adaptation for vulnerable communities and natural environments