Past Events


May 19 2020: BU URBAN Spring Symposium
Our third annual Spring Symposium celebrated the accomplishments of BU URBAN trainees and showcased current and proposed projects uniting our students and partners in government, non-governmental organizations, and the private sector. In total, the Symposium engaged 137 individuals, including members of our External Advisory Board and Boston University’s upper administration, BU faculty, staff, students, and external partners. You can view videos of the event here.

April 1 2020: Accelerating Climate Solutions: A Science Communication Workshop with Sarah Finnie Robinson
BU URBAN partnered with Sarah Finnie Robinson, a Senior Fellow at the BU Institute of Sustainable Energy and Founding Director of the 51% Percent Project to offer a Science Communication Workshop titled, “Accelerating Climate Solutions.” Information about the event can be found here, along with the pre-workshop materials and instructions
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April 30 2019: Second Annual Spring Symposium
The BU URBAN Spring Symposium acts as a forum where program partners, students, and faculty of the Graduate Program in Urban Biogeoscience and Environmental Health come together to share successes in tackling urban environmental challenges. These presentations are meant to highlight the current work that has been done as part of this program and inspire additional partnerships, projects, and ideas that focus on urban environmental challenges.

March 20 2019: Science Communication Workshop with Barbara Moran
Barbara Moran from WBUR gave tips on how to share science with radio and TV journalists and how to pitch a story.

February 11 2019: Government, Politics, and Policy Workshops: State of the City follow up with Katie King
Join us for a discussion with Katie King, head of intergovernmental affairs for Boston, to hear about how Boston creates and uses its Budget.

February 5 2019: Science-Policy Workshop with Kathy Fallon Lambert
Dr. Kathy Fallon Lambert, founding director of the Science-Policy Exchange, led the BU URBAN Science Policy Workshop on Tuesday, February 5, 2019 from 9:00 am to 1:00 pm in CILSE 101, 610 Commonwealth Ave, Charles River Campus. In preparation attendees were asked to read:
Bednarek, A.T., Wyborn, C., Cvitanovic, C. et al. Sustain Sci (2018) 13: 1175.
Driscoll, C.T., Fallon Lambert, K., Weathers, K. BioSci (2011) 61: 791.
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January 29 2019: Government, Politics, and Policy Workshops: State of the City follow up discussion with Katharine Lusk
As a follow up to the 2019 State of the City, Katharine Lusk from the Initiative on Cities talked about how the City of Boston government functions, what the role of the mayor is, and how everything outlined in the State of the City is financed.

January 23 2019: Government, Politics, and Policy Workshops: State of the City
We watched the State of the City address delivered by Boston’s Mayor Martin J. Walsh. Katharine Lusk from the Initiative on Cities gave pointers on what to listen for. Watch the State of the City address online:


November 15 2018: City of Boston: Policy, Governance, and Politics Workshop Climate Ready Boston
Christopher Cook, Chief of Environment, Energy, and Open Space for the City of Boston and Commissioner of Parks and Recreation presented on Climate Ready Boston. A Q&A session followed the presentation.

September 25 2018: Introductory Workshop
This workshop served as an introduction for the 2018 BU URBAN cohort. We covered program fundamentals and discussed problems related to carbon dioxide in the urban environment.
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April 25 2018: First Annual Spring Symposium
We heard lightening talks by BU faculty about air, water, climate, land use, and noise pollution, and presented information on how one can become involved in the new interdisciplinary Ph.D. traineeship in Urban Biogeoscience and Environmental Health, BU URBAN.
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