Reimbursement Procedure

Planning to receive a reimbursement for travel or research expenses?

Pro tips before you spend any money:

  • Make sure to save all receipts and any other physical documentation (order forms, registration confirmation, flight itinerary, ticket information, etc.).
  • When purchasing multiple things from one vendor, request an itemized receipt.
  • BU URBAN cannot reimburse you for membership fees to professional societies or organizations.
  • BU URBAN cannot reimburse you for alcohol expenses.
  • If you are buying physical supplies for a research award, consult with the URBAN Program Manager ( about your purchasing plan. BU URBAN cannot reimburse you for non-food sales tax or anything you have purchased fromĀ Amazon with your personal credit card. Instead, we have options internally for purchasing supplies for you from BU approved vendors or Amazon.

    COVID-19 Note: If you are booking conference travel and lodging or paying registration fees, please discuss your plan with Evan to determine which expenses can be paid for through BU directly. In the event that a conference is cancelled, it will easier to process the reimbursement through BU.

    When you’re ready for your reimbursement, assemble the following documents into a single pdf and email it to

    1. The reimbursement form linked here. Specific instructions:
      • Leave the following lines blank: Account/Grant Number and PI/Supervisor Signature.
      • For Purpose and Details of Expense, write “BU URBAN – ” and the type of reimbursement you are requesting (e.g., Spring 2020 Travel Award Internship Travel Support, etc.) along with a short description of the expense.
    2. A page with the following:
      • Name and BUID
      • A table of itemized expenses with all relevant information (dates, descriptions, vendors, notes etc.). If driving, use the GSA Mileage Reimbursement Rate. Note that rate from June-December 2022 is $0.625/mile (source).
    3. Evidence of each expense, such as scans of receipts, order forms, registration confirmation, flight itinerary, and ticket information.
      • If driving, include a map of your round trip with the total mileage visible.
      • If you attended a conference, include a screenshot of the conference homepage that includes the name, location, and dates of the conference.
      • Please only include one receipt per page.
      • Please align the order of your evidence with the order of your itemized expenses (from #2).

    Final notes:

    • For Research & Travel Awards, funds must be spent within 12 months of receiving the award.
    • For Travel Awards, reimbursements are due one month after the dates of your meeting.
    • In addition, awarded funds are intended for the projects described in your application. If research or travel plans change from the initial application, please email the URBAN Program Manager ( with a request for a re-purposing of funds along with a justification. If it is deemed that the re-purposing of funds remains aligned with the original application, your request will be approved.