Trainee Brainstorming Meetups

Overview: We invite you to bring together at least 2 trainees from different disciplines (e.g., Biogeoscience, Environmental Health, Statistics), to network and brainstorm new research or public engagement ideas that span urban biogeoscience and environmental health. Consider ordering via GrubHub and having a zoom idea swap! Or host an outdoor lunch on a warm day to draft a proposal! Be creative!

Budget: Up to $25/trainee (including all costs)  for allowable expenses only via reimbursement. We cannot cover the cost of alcohol or violate BU Covid policies. Trainees can participate in as many meetups as they wish, but we will only cover costs for up to $25/trainee per academic year (through August 31, annually).

Process: Submit ideas to Heather Ho (, including the names of all trainees involved, and await feedback/approval. Once approved, implement the meetup and follow our reimbursement procedures. Submit your reimbursement to Heather and send an email with a summary of how it went and what new ideas, if any, came out of the conversation.