Seeking PhD Students for our Urban Biogeoscience & Environmental Health 2021/22 Recruitment Cluster!

The Pre-Application for our Fall 2021 Recruitment Cluster is now closed. If you are interested in joining BU URBAN in Fall 2021, check out our Apply page and submit an application in May 2021!

We are recruiting a new cluster of prospective graduate students to join our interdisciplinary Ph.D. program at Boston University, starting in Fall 2021. One of the goals of our BU URBAN Program is to broaden participation for groups underrepresented in STEM. Through this recruitment cluster, we aim to advance our vision of creating a diverse workforce of scientists and practitioners equipped with the technical knowledge and communication skills necessary for building a sustainable, healthy, and equitable future.

Prospective graduate students will be admitted to one of our participating departments and to our interdisciplinary Ph.D. program. The following faculty are recruiting students to join their research groups as part of the BU URBAN Program. Students applying as part of this cluster should specify which professor(s) they seek to work with and review the application and eligibility requirements for the Department and associated School to which the student will ultimately apply. Please note that the pre-application below is not a formal application to Boston University. We are using the pre-application to identify prospective graduate students and to help match them with faculty who are recruiting for fall 2021 admission to the Graduate School at Boston University.


All Ph.D. students at Boston University are guaranteed five years of tuition and stipend support, consisting of fellowships and scholarships, research grants, training grants, and teaching assistantships. BU URBAN Cluster applicants will receive priority consideration for one of the 12-month non-service stipends we provide through our National Science Foundation Traineeship (NRT) Program. Further, the participating faculty listed above have committed to engage in additional trainings on mentorship, diversity, and inclusion as part of our collective efforts to ensure graduate student success (explore our website for more on program resources related to mentoring, professional development, and community).

Applicants for the BU URBAN Cluster will be evaluated according to 1) their contributions toward diversity, 2) alignment of their research interests with their selected faculty member(s), 3) their academic preparedness, and 4) their interest in the BU URBAN Program. After each cycle of the pre-application, specified faculty members may reach out for further communication and priority consideration. In order to be admitted to Boston University and join BU URBAN, cluster applicants must also submit a formal application through their department of interest. Ultimately, a select number of cluster applicants will be offered one of our NRT stipends. The timing of this selection will occur after application deadlines have closed in each department.

We particularly encourage individuals from groups underrepresented in STEM to apply, especially those who have attended Historically Black Colleges and Universities; Tribal Colleges and Universities; and Hispanic Serving Institutions.

Applications will be accepted beginning on September 28, and reviewed in three cycles with the following deadlines:

  • October 19
  • November 9
  • November 30

We are offering 30-minute info sessions each week through the end of November for prospective students to learn more about BU URBAN and meet current students and faculty. To register for an info session, click here!

When you are ready, complete the pre-application below. If you have questions, email Program Manager Evan Kuras at

This form is now closed. 

To register for an info session, click here.

BU URBAN is funded by a National Science Foundation Research Traineeship (NRT) grant to Boston University (DGE 1735087).