Survey of AI Startups 2021:
Navigating Ethical Issues

AI is no longer just a fancy buzzword – AI products and technologies are being implemented across all sectors of the economy. AI products and technologies make us more productive at work, enable us to find trends in interesting data, make our movies look more realistic and our music sound better, and provide additional security for our devices.

AI startups are helping drive this progress! However, they face many issues, such as access to training data, compliance with ever-evolving regulations, and raising funds. These firms must also confront numerous ethical issues concerning AI and big data. In addition to better understating competition in AI entrepreneurship, this third survey will help us learn more about how AI startups navigate these complex ethical issues.

We have published two reports based on our prior surveys of AI startups. In 2018, we focused on the impact of AI on labor. In 2019, we focused on the impact of GDPR on AI startups. This year we will focus on ethics in AI development.

Would you be willing to invest 10 minutes answering a few questions about your AI startup? We will provide all respondents with a free summary report in April 2021 to offer additional insight into this developing industry.

Lastly, your responses are confidential. The researchers at New York University and Boston University conducting the study will not release any personally-identifiable or firm-specific information. Only aggregates will be reported.

Send us an email if you would like to have your AI startup added to the list.