About the Clinic

In September 2015, Boston University School of Law partnered with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology to create the BU Law Entrepreneurship, Intellectual Property, and Cyberlaw Program. The partnership came in response to college and graduate students at MIT, who asked for greater legal support for their startups and independent academic activity.

As part of this program, the Technology Law Clinic launched in September 2016 as the Technology & Cyberlaw Clinic. BU Law students, together with experienced faculty, work with students who run into legal issues with their innovative and academic work.

For more, read our Frequently Asked Questions.

Contacting the Clinic

Those who are interested in contacting the Technology Law Clinic should fill out our intake questionnaire. If you know that you would like to talk to the Startup Law Clinic instead of this clinic, you may instead use their intake questionnaire.

For other ways to contact us, including encrypted messages and our office hours at MIT, click here.

Please note that both clinics are only able to represent currently-enrolled MIT and BU students, or groups that have at least one currently-enrolled student as part of their core team. We do not work with any other clients. However, if you are not enrolled at MIT or BU and would like to support the clinic, contact our Director, Andy Sellars