Sound & Vibration Laboratory

Funded Research Projects

We believed in the power of convergence before it was cool.

Our 30 year track record shows it.

We have worked in teams of collaborators to produce significant breakthroughs in the following spaces:

vibration damping  *  sound radiation * vibration isolation

structural acoustics  *  nanomechanics  *  causality in acoustics

ocean wave energy  *  brake squeal  *  high-performance computing

autonomous marine vehicles  *  automated road inspection

biological vibration  *  sound absorption

ocean acoustics  *  vibration imaging

viscoelastic modeling * optimization

We believe that having a wide variety of projects going on at the same time generates creative work and quantum leaps.

We are high velocity learners, with a strong desire to learn about new and significant research questions.

We are opportunists, actively pursuing the most challenging problems that come our way.